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Our Commitment to Safe and Profitable Agrucultural Drone Flying

Training over 200 unmanned pilots, flying over 28,000 missions, with over 4,000 flight time hours, U.PASS is dedicated to creating uniform regulations for all states benefiting unmanned pilots and farmers.

Our Mission

 U.PASS's mission is to educate to eliminate the challenges faced by unmanned agricultural pilots. Our board of unmanned ag pilots will work hand in hand with state Departments of Agriculture AND State legislatures to provide best practices and compliance guidance to ensure safe and profitable drone operations. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your agricultural drone business.

UofA Drone Day

101 Drone  Education

At U.PASS, we are passionate about training the next generation of unmanned pilots and farmers. As leaders in the agriculture industry, we believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise. We are dedicated to providing hands-on education and need you to get involved!


Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complex world of  FAA agriculture drone application regulations can be a challenge. The link below will assist in providing expert step-by-step guidance and compliance understanding to ensure your operations are legal and compliant.


Crop Flight Logbook and Flight Management

A large part of aerial application compliance is keeping a logbook of all your drone flights.   After servicing over 200 ag pilots, U.PASS recommends the ONLY U.S. created Crop Flight logbook to stay compliant without spending unnessary costs on logbooks.

Congress's Ban on DJI Drones.jpg

Become an Activist for The Drone Industry

Congress is considering passing laws that would ground all drones from China, including DJI, without any exceptions for farming, first responders, or hobbyists. This would have a significant impact on the drone industry and the people who rely on these devices. Join us in our efforts to stop this happening and protect the future of drone technology.


Latest Industry & Board Members Blog Posts

We recognize that keeping all pilots informed with industry news, insights, and perspectives can help them make better decisions and enhance productivity and profitability. In addition, we will be posting state-specific content to address regulatory and state-specific issues. You can access all blog posts through the link provided below.


All The Industry Channels in 1 Place

Our U.Pass videos are now available AND we have gathered all the top agricultural YouTube channels in one place. Pilots can select their favorite content providers and stay updated on what's happening in the industry. We are here to help you stay informed and connected. If you have a favorite Channel you would like added, please tell us!

Need Your Field Flown or Mapped?

U.PASS is committed to helping farmers across the country increase the yield and quality of their crops with our comprehensive agricultural services. Our team of qualified pilots are available to fly your field and provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions that will improve your bottom line.

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