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ACT NOW! Politicians are trying to ban your drones.

Agricultural Drones Feed America. This impacts all of us! If you're reading this, then I assert that spraying drones also contributes to your livelihood, your future and those you serve.

Politicians are meeting next week to try and move this ban forward, and it has traction. As part of a coalition representing you and our country in opposing this ban, and we're fighting like heck, but we need your help!


Facing a potential ban on Chinese-manufactured agricultural spray drones head-on (H.R. 2864: Countering CCP Drones Act), this group of industry leaders, key stakeholders, and educational advocates who collectively represent nearly 80% of agricultural spray drone sales in the U.S. market have come together to collect and share key data points and testimonials in order raise awareness and increase visibility of the economic benefits that agricultural spray drones (specifically, Chinese manufactured agricultural spray drones) provide rural communities throughout the United States.

If you haven't heard about this ban, there is a indepth look at H.R. 2864 found here:

Did You Know?

• 3.7M acres were sprayed by drones in 2023

• 41 states• >50 crops

• $78.5M generated in rural communities by spray drone service providers

Here's what we're asking you to do by this Sunday, June 9th

  • ~1 minute: Tell politicians you oppose:

  • Click on "Oppose the Countering CCP Drones Act Campaign", simply add your contact info and hit "Send Message" and it'll go directly to US Senators and US Reps

  • ~7-10 minutes:  Share your story! Help us explain how this ban would impact you, your team, community and growers by filling out this SURVEY

  • Join our webinar happening Monday June 10th, 2p Eastern, free. Info & register HERE

  • Share this with everyone, help us get the word out. Use hashtag:  #AgDronesFeedAmerica 

The doc mentioned above with info & FAQ is HERE. These points represent the opinions and findings of the industry-leading spray drone service providers and dealers, including HSE, Rantizo, Pegasus, Agri Spray Drones, Bestway Ag, and Drone Nerds. We encourage you to read and share the key points and ask that you speak with your house representative, telling them to vote "NO" on this ban that will damage rural communities and U.S. agriculture.


Thank you for being a Pioneer in the Ag Drone industry, you are the reason we're all here, and we don't take that lightly - We'll stop at nothing!

Thank you again for your Support, and for helping us Support YOU!

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