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American Drone Security Act

Updated: Apr 13

The decrease in 2022, which halved again in 2023 to $1.7B, could be attributed to years of uncertain policy on what constitutes an acceptable commercial drone for Federal Agencies.

Farmitude sits on a Council with Mark Bathrick, the architect and former director of DOI's "Drones for Good" program, he was interviewed and had a great review of what the ADSA means to pilots in our industry. The ASDA is initially intended as a practical guide to the impacts and potential strategies for Federal, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) government agencies.

Basically, in the absence of state law, the ADSA does not directly impact state and local public safety agencies unless they use federal funds to procure drone hardware. This answers the question of how this legislature affects the farming community. It is only if the drones are purchased with federal funds, which I'm not aware of anyone in the industry currently doing.

The LINK here will take you to the full interview about what the ADSA means to our industry.

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