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Updated: May 2

Oregon Mormon Cricket Oregon Department of Agriculture

Temp Rules - Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket General Fund Grant Allocation

ODA filed temporary rules regarding Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket general fund grant allocation. The need for these temporary rules to implement a grasshopper and Mormon cricket general fund allocation grant program stems from the urgency of addressing an immediate threat posed by these pests to agriculture. Grasshoppers and Mormon crickets are known to cause significant damage to crops, rangelands, and natural habitats, particularly during outbreaks. Their outbreaks pose an immediate threat to the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers, as well as the food supply and ecosystem health.

The grant program aims to provide financial assistance to affected individuals to support pest management initiatives that mitigate the impact of grasshoppers and Mormon crickets on crops as directed by HB 5701, Section 408 (2024).

You can view the rules on the ODA Rulemaking webpage

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